Acceptance is not about giving up or giving in. It is not about passive complacency. In the search for inner tranquility, Acceptance is about appreciating what is, rather than insisting on what we think should be or lamenting what is not.

Acceptance does not mean acquiescing to evil, or refusing to change. It is about recognizing that life is a process of constant change, experienced moment by moment. It is about appreciating that moment not as a unit of time, but as an eternal element of existence. Acceptance means appreciating the beauty of that element for all that it is. Even pain is a sign of the wonder of how our bodies work. Even evil – for it surely exists – recognized for what it is, is an indication that its opposite, pure goodness, must also exist in that same moment though it may be temporarily hidden from our view.

Acceptance is not a search for goodness or beauty. It is about seeing those two where we are, loving them in our world and ourselves. It is about actively influencing what we can change, and not being distressed or distracted by what we cannot.

There will always be evil in the world. Are we being evil in our own thoughts or actions? There will always be conflict between individuals and groups. Are we contributing to it unnecessarily or interfering with the advance of good? Even good intentions often conflict. Can we recognize both the intentions and outcomes of ours and the other’s sides, or do we cast the other as only evil, thus undermining any greater good?

Acceptance like so much in life is a process and fleeting. Nurturing it is the key to inner peace and tranquility. Acceptance of oneself and one’s connection to the One great being (I Am) is the secret to a joyful and fulfilling life.

Veterans Day 2017

Some spend their whole lives thinking only of themselves, preying on others. Others wish the world were a better place and plead, “can’t we all just get along?” Still others rant and rave demanding everyone else love their way, blaming everyone else for the conflict they themselves cause. And some even cower in fear, futilely hoping to stave off the inevitable death.

But there have always been a select few who are different from the rest. They put themselves out front to stop the predators. They accept the harsh reality that conflict is a fact of mankind and that there will always be those who try to lord over others. And they know cowering only hastens death, death – the only other thing besides themselves one can count on. These are the warriors who protect our lives and freedom. They keep the predators and would-be lords at bay. Their presentations are often harsh, calloused, or tattered and worn, a result of battles fought by them you will never know.

Today is a day we set aside for them, those who did more than merely talk or protest. They endured hell that you could not; they met evil face to face and won. But the scars and memories of those battles will never leave them. So be thankful there are braver men and women who risked their own lives, left their hopes and dreams and families behind so you wouldn’t have to. Today is Veterans Day in the U.S., or Remembrance Day in Australia, Canada, and much of the West. Enjoy your freedom to think, feel, and do what you want to in relative peace and safety to an extent that you would not be able to were it not for them. And as you do, thank a vet.


Perfect Saturday

20171021_120702Awake early at the usual hour, no headache for the first time in a while. Making breakfast for my lady in bed. A walk by the lake, just us two, followed by lunch at home in the sunshine. Teaching our son to weld and watching him improve. Our daughter choosing to bake by herself, letting us taste a few. The lady to work, then pizza and shows with the kids. An unexpected request when she’s on her way home. A crackling fire built in the dark. The stars, wine, and intimate conversation keep our hearts warm. Essence of Love and Life, a heart at home. 20171021_120229